Sunday, November 21, 2010

When the Fat Lady knocks the keyboard

Millions of  people around the world do blogging...
I wanna blog too!

As my life and the members of it are very precious
I choose not to reveal my own personality to this unsafe, unsecured, life-threatening cyber world.

Let my nick name - Trans Fatty Lady - represent and imply myself in this cyber is  more than enough :)

I give the chance to judge and critics me 100% in your hands people. No problems. Human being and judgmental attitude are inseparable. So you can express those genetic traits in here. I would really love to read them through your sincere comments.

So this is it, when the Trans Fatty Lady knocks the keyboard, another not-so-useful blog exist in this blogging world.
Trans Fatty Lady really does not look like this lorrr...picture does lie sometimes...Maybe i should use those cliche phrase  -SEKADAR GAMBAR HIASAN - or -IMAGE GOOGLED-

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