Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Black Heart

Okay..i don't know what is the most suitable phrase tu put as title for this entry


Let the picture talks!
It is how bad a dark spot can impacts human hearts.
And don't ever think the dark spots can be ridden using SK-II or La Mer or viyamins or omega or whatsoever

The dark spot is actually a sin.

Every single sin that we did, will give a dark spot to our heart.
And if we didn't repent, and keep doing more and more sins..

you will get more and more dark spots covering your heart and eventually this heart cannot see gets 'lights' anymore coz it has been covered with those thick black spots like mud!

The light = hidayah ALLAH

That is why many people in this world today cannot differentiate between wrongdoings with the good things that ALLAH taught us in Al-Quran

Those black heart, if doesn't treated will lead to the worst case = a dead heart, meaning..this heart will reject all good things and the tendency is more towards sin..

People with black heart usually cannot live peacefully..coz their heart is full with sins.

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